The Founder


With hard-hitting beats and a Southern trap flair, 30-year old rapper Cashmerely found local success through a series of underground club hits, including “ No Bands ”, “ Successful ”, and “ Speed Bumps ”, all in 2019. 

Now, he’s moved on to an even bigger challenge: bringing his music to the world stage. Born in Winston-Salem, NC and raised in Detroit, Cashmerely first started rapping as a teenager. After transferring to a new high school, his now-best friend saw him writing down lyrics and invited him to come record music with some friends. He’s been writing and releasing tracks ever since, eventually adopting the ‘Cashmerely’ alias in 2016. His debut single, “ Here We Go ”, dropped that same year on all streaming platforms. In January 2019, Cashmerely released his second full-length project “ Last Year Local ”. The title was a self-affirmation: 2019 would be his last year as a ‘local’ artist. That summer he dropped the 6-track EP “ Killjoy ”, which would quickly become his most successful release ever. By

mid-November, it had racked up over 50,000 total streams on Spotify. Beyond music, Cashmerely is also an established businessman and entrepreneur - he founded his own specialty clothing store, Carefree Trapboys, in 2017.